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Dr. Nelva Lee - CEO and Founder

Dr. Nelva Lee is the founder and developer of the Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online (MiTio). Dr. Lee is a native of Panama and speaks fluent Spanish as certified by the Language Testing International.  Dr. Lee was the Director of the Grady Health System's Interpreter Program in 2002. Dr. Lee was a Subject Matter Expert in the creation of the CMI exam for the NBCMI and was respectively its first Chair.  

Dr. Lee has over twenty years of Healthcare experience and has worked in various medical settings (outpatient, inpatient, private, and public institutions). Dr. Lee has also worked as a professor for over 20 years both for graduate and undergraduate courses. Dr. Lee has a Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration, a Master's in Health Services Administration, and a Ph.D. in Health Care Administration.

Who Can benefit from MiTio's Diversity & Inclusion Consulting?

  • Organizations in need of Diversity and Inclusion Consulting and Training
  • Tech organizations looking for a cost-effective solution to their Diversity and Inclusion disparity needs
  • Stakeholders wanting a guaranteed improvement in their diversity and inclusion numbers
  • Stakeholders in need of a improved retention rates
  • Stakeholders in need of any of our comprehensive consulting services

Our history

While a director at the Grady Health System, Dr. Lee was responsible for revamping the Interpreting Program system-wide. To do this, Dr. Lee sought to train all of her current and future interpreters and translators. It was through this venture that Dr. Lee became aware of the lack of flexible learning opportunities for interpreters and translators and the lack of Certification nationwide. That recognition and Dr. Lee's passion for quality delivery of healthcare, lead her to found and develop the Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online (MiTio) in 2004 and become involved in Certification efforts. Dr. Lee was the first Chair of the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI).

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Engaging a Diverse Remote Workforce &

7 Steps to Obtaining "Diversity and Inclusion" Consulting Services 

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MiTio's Consulting and Coaching Team


Dr. Pei Zhang

Dr. Pei Zhang grew up in China, and later studied/worked in Japan, France, Germany, and the United States. Apart from medicine and science,  Dr. Zhang takes a strong interest in languages. Dr. Zhang has always worked part-time as a medical translator/interpreter. Dr. Zhang is a CMI Certified Interpreter and believes medical interpretation can effectively contribute to people's well-being, and she takes great pleasure in working with MiTio as a facilitator. Through live sessions, Dr. Zhang hopes we can always learn something from each other and polish our skills together.

Jonathan Logan

Jonathan Richard Logan
Jonathan graduated from The University of Science, Arts, and Technology (USAT) with a Bachelor of Education in 2009. Born in the US, he has lived around the world and is fluent in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Jonathan has been teaching languages, translating, and interpreting for over 15 years. Shortly after graduating from MiTio’s degree program, he started working as a facilitator and really enjoys helping others to develop their linguistic skills.

Tatiana Ford

Tatiana Ford has a Master degree from a Russian University in teaching Japanese and English and a Bachelor of Art degree in psychology from Middlesex University of London. Her interpreter career started in 1999 in oil and gas business in Russia and later in UAE. Her newly discovered passion for anatomy and physiology led her to MiTiO. Our alumnus, Tatiana received her CMI-Russian certificate and finds great satisfaction in facilitating practice sessions for MiTio.

Lily Drysdale

Lily has been a Medical Interpreter since 2017 with different known companies and hospitals in the US. Lily completed her studies in Vancouver Canada, where she learned to speak French. As a facilitator, Lily wants to break down the language barrier for others, that way much can be accomplished. Lily wishes to impart her experience to your success.

Cindy Matta

Cindy graduated from the University of California Davis in 2013 and received her Bachelors of Art in Psychology and Spanish Language and Literature. Cindy is currently a Spanish Language Masters of Arts Candidate from California State University of Long Beach. Cindy has worked as an English/Spanish Translator . 

Dr. Nhi Clarke

Dr. Nhi Clarke is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatrist. Dr. Clarke is also a Vietnamese Medical Interpreter. Dr. Clarke is a graduate of the Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute (Mitio). Dr, Nhi is a coach and Facilitator with Mitio