MiTio's Medical Interpreter Ambassador and Rewards Program Explained

Apr 20, 2023

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Dr. Lee (00:03):

Awesome. So welcome everyone, uh, to the MET Ambassador Program. Uh, this going to, this will be presented by myself, Dr. Lee, and the training will be provided by Donny Lee. So what is, let's see here, what is the Met Ambassador Program? So in the email that we sent you, we kind of gave you a little bit of the information. So the Ambassador Program, the primary aim is to help you further increase your income as an advocate from MiTio while advancing your career with opportunities to attend different interpreting network events, ex those conferences, et cetera. And we want to make sure that sharing materials, mission of transforming bilingual abilities into vibrant careers, um, and experience is rewarding and life expanding for you as well as the ambassador. Uh, in some cases, uh, depending on how active you are as the ambassador, you will even receive all of your expenses paid to these events.

Dr. Lee (01:02):

Um, all expenses pick. So we'll explain how to qualify for that in a few minutes. Uh, so at the end of this presentation, right before the training, I will open it up for questions and answers. Okay. Uh, so the ambassador leader board, uh, we have collected data. Most of you have sign referrals, for instance, um, through the, um, referral, uh, rock system, our loyalty system. And so we have an ambassador leader board already, um, that we have collected. So most of you will be receiving an email requesting your address, uh, your updated address so that we can go ahead and send the, the top 30 people that are already leaders, uh, from either, um, whether you have sent referrals, uh, and also whether your referrals have, have become students. So the top 30 people on that list will receive the first, uh, gifts. All right?

Dr. Lee (02:06):

And going forward, we will have all, all additional gifts. So it's very exciting. So make sure that you reply to that email that was sent, letting you know that you, if you were a top ambassador, uh, with your updated mailing address so that we can send you your gift. It's going to be the first gift. It's going to either be a me to your t-shirt or a me hat. And going forward, we'll have things like pens and, um, additional swag, uh, me swag. Ok. So I mentioned this, uh, in the email as well. The, so the National Ambassadors Program, uh, is going to be, um, like a competition. So every quarter, uh, we're going to start, um, start the first National Ambassadors on September 30th. So every quarter we will select the top three ambassadors for that quarter, and we, we'll nominate them to become National Material Ambassadors. And this will allow them to receive a free ticket.

Dr. Lee (03:08):

So every single time we have the top three, those three will get a free ticket or entrance fee to a National Interpreting conference. Um, so we, there's lots of different national interpreting conferences, the I Mia conference, the team conference cetera. So the one that works best for you, depending on your location, um, uh, for that conference for within that year. Okay. And you will be, uh, able to serve as the national representative for me to at that conflict. Alright? And so we're very excited about this. We had, like I mentioned, we had this in the past, we've had several Omni te alumni service ambassadors at these conferences where we paid for their, for their entrance fee. And so we are really excited to start that back up, up again. Um, specifically, uh, as I mentioned, depending on the amount of referrals and the amount of referrals that converted to students, you may actually get your full expenses paid.

Dr. Lee (04:11):

So not just the entrance fee, but the hotel and the flight as well. Okay. Um, okay. So how do you qualify? So depending on the numbers of students that that enroll, you might receive Alex State, as I mentioned. So you have to become, um, oh, I put two in there, <laugh>. It's very funny. So, uh, you have to make sure that you have the IPA vision and the training, um, down, and Donnie's going to share a little bit more about that. Um, but I did, let's, before we go to the, um, the specific, uh, training, I did want with you the, what the leader looks like.

Dr. Lee (05:09):

So I will answer any questions that you guys might have in a few minutes. Just wanted to share all this first and then, um, we will explain it all. So here are the current rankings. Okay? So the current rankings, again, this is based on the number of enrollments. So the, uh, ranked of number one. She has Sylvia <inaudible>, she has had the most of her referrals enroll into the program. Okay? And then this is tells you, um, on down. So second place is David Rodriguez. Third place is list. Beth agreed, Fourth place, Iva, Fifth place, Benny, sixth place, Shelly Mo seven Place, floor, Eighth Place, very hook, uh, nine place, Mark Beara, 10th place, 11th place, Helen 12 Place, Jalene, third place, 13th Place. Michelle Diaz, 14 place a Fila 15 place, Naje, 16 place. Deborah 17th place. Joshua Jolyn, 18th place. Martina 19th place. Latasha 20 place Sandra Avanti, 21st place, Jank 20.

Dr. Lee (06:26):

Second place is Karen, 23rd Carlos, and 24th place, Rebecca. Okay, so these are for the enrollments. This is how you are going to qualify for that national ambassador. Uh, but for all of those who are, um, in, uh, for the invitations, you will also be eligible for the swag, for the free gifts. Okay? And so that would be the top six of those, um, that have the most. These are the, um, the, the ambassadors with the most invitation sent. Um, again, you have Sylvia, David Sha is Stephanie, Na and Erica. So you can see that there is a correlation between the, the invitation sent and the enrollment, uh, into the program. So, um, I'm going to stop here. This real, so now would be a good time if anyone has any questions, those would be a good time for, I know you guys have already started asking them in the, but this would be a good time to ask any additional questions, any other questions that has not been answered already in the chat. Okay. So let's see here. If not, can we use social media to enroll? Um, are you talking about Diana, do you, are you referring to sending the, the loyalty program via social media? Is that what you're saying? I'm not really sure what your question is. Okay. So I'm going to let Donny kind of explain that and he's going to do the whole, uh, training as well. All right. So Donny, go ahead and I will give you, um, I will give you hosting capabilities.

Donnie Lee (08:37):

All right. All right, wonderful then. Wonderful then. So yes, let me share my screen real quick

Dr. Lee (08:44):

And be sure to answer the question from Diane.

Donnie Lee (08:47):

Definitely, definitely. Okay, I'll be, I'll be ex explaining that answer as well through this upfront share. So first thing I'll be sharing is the dashboard. And so in a sense, what I'll be doing for the segment is going through both the dashboard of the referral program, getting you all a little bit more familiarity with what you can use as your primary tool for being a utn master. Then I'll go into what is that experience like when you refer students. So in relation to Diane, next question. When you are sharing your link, either through social medias, by clicking any of these buttons, what is that experience going to look like and how can you use it for yourself to maybe create campaigns or post or shares of any sort to really get the message out? Then I'll also be sharing a little bit of training and some extra resources that we'll be providing you a little bit after today's meeting to just help you with what is that conversation going to look like?

Donnie Lee (09:50):

If there's someone who's interested in the program wants to learn more, how can you kind of relate to them and be able to communicate the value of the METO program? Also, I see another question. Can you invite people who don't live in the us? Yes. So just a quick reminder who you can invite to this referral program. Is anyone anywhere who shows interest or wants to even learn more about either becoming an interpreter or just learning more about MiTio and anyone who goes through that process of learning more, either connecting with one of our program specialists, which I'll mention a little bit later. That is what's going to qualify you for the process of seeing that you've sent an invite, seeing that you've recommended seeing that you shared as me master. So first off, as you can see, this is the referral dashboard. Most of you should be familiar with this.

Donnie Lee (10:44):

This comes out in that referral message link that's been sent out to you all previously saying, Hey, if you use this link, you'll get $200 as a thank you. And so this is that dashboard. Originally, you'll see that you can basically track a lot of the details in relation to the messages you send out those invites, those information, you'll see referral and clicks. This means whenever you send out an invite, for example, if I were to send out a Facebook invite, it would take me to the Facebook page, it would have a prewritten message. And so whenever someone clicks on this link in the Facebook message, in the Facebook feed, it's going to then cl as a link click. This means that you've now tracked that someone has interacted with something you've shared. You can also do this through email, through Yahoo Messenger, through LinkedIn, through Twitter, through Pinterest.

Donnie Lee (11:35):

And if you want to use a different medium, maybe you want to send it through text. All you have to do is just click copy for here, either from your phone or from your other device. Send this to someone. And what's going to happen is whenever they click on this link, whenever they've gone through the process of interacting, it's going to take them to this page. Some of you are also familiar with this page, cuz this is where you first found us at MiTio. So it's going to take them to this page, a landing sequence. It's going to give them a bit more information. They have the upfront explainer video, just some background on meto on the program itself. We'll go through the process of scheduling a call, and then they'll be going through new overall enrollment sequence. Now, at that point, if they do enroll, you'll now see this update where they become a new enrolling, where they are now tracked as a referral.

Donnie Lee (12:25):

They'll update the pending rewards if they actually fully enroll and things like that. You'll also be able to see in this my referrals category, if you have any referrals. So for example, this pending one means that someone has clicked on this link in particular, they've gone to this page and they've submitted this specific form. So this is before they actually schedule call, before they actually move through the process. As long as they've gone here, submitted at least a little bit of information saying that they're interested, they now get tracked here as a referral who's pending. And so you can also just see, like maybe it says Test Don, maybe it says Maria, and you're like, Oh, I know Maria, you can reach out to them at this point and I'll kind of explain what that messaging might look like. But at that point, you can really just reach out to them, give them some more information, give them some more feedback on the program, now that you're aware that they've actually engaged in the process and are truly interested.

Donnie Lee (13:20):

And of course, when that referral goes all the way through, you'll then see in this rewards dashboard that this XYZ person has full enrolled, it'll update you, give you some notification, some insight. And this is an easy and effortless way for you to kind of track the overall process for this flow in the referral process. Now, this is only one of the methods that we'd like you to use. The second method is in relation to our program specialists. So a few of them are on this call today, but our program specialists are those who you've met when you've gone through the admissions process, when you schedule to call and you talk to someone who has the expertise about the MET program expertise about the interpreting industry. These are program specialists, these are our admissions teams who will provide insight and information. Now as MET ambassadors, you have the unique insight and ability to now have a deeper connection with these program specialists.

Donnie Lee (14:21):

What's going to happen after this call is that we'd like you to either reach out to your program specialist, the individual who enrolled you and will have them be reaching out to you as well. They'll get in contact with you, provide you some extra information and extra aid for this process. And so what does this want to mean is going forward as an UT Ambassador, if you found someone who has shown interest, they like to learn more, and perhaps they have gone to this website, but they just need a little bit more information, don't want to go through the remaining of the process. You can easily and effortlessly just get them into contact with our one of our program specialists. This bypasses the entire flow and framework that they have to usually go through to learn more. And you can have this one to one direct connection with the program specialist that can provide them all the information, all the feedback, all the insight they might need to make an informed decision before deciding to move forward with met.

Donnie Lee (15:17):

And so this is going to just make it a lot more efficient, a lot easier over process to bring in students who would like to learn more, like to gain more information overall on uto and what it means to become MiTio student. Now, for the training for that aspect of the program, as we'll see here, there's this one particular video about, I guess you could say the referral process, the messaging, the communication that you'll want to be using. It goes in depth in more or less this referral challenge about how to go about communicating to those who are interested. How would you want to go about contacting them? How would you want to go about sending them those messages? How would you want to go about really the communication at this point? So this is an excellent resource that we're going to provide you right after this call that's going to really be able to aid you in really making this process for how do you become a top MiTio ambassador?

Donnie Lee (16:14):

How do you go through the process of reaching the most amount of people in such a way where if anyone is interested, you can really help them move forward in this experience. And so all of this are the extra resources and extra benefits that will be providing you right after this call to help you move forward. And of course, in the future, if there's any extra additional things provided that will be sent to you by email as a MET ambassador or the program specialist who you'll be in contact with will be providing you those resources directly. So that is really all for this particular aspect of it. And let me see, do any of you have any more questions about this process, about any of the resources about how to use the dashboard or send out messages? Uh, at this point you can really feel free to ask me any of those questions and otherwise I'll send it back to you looking through the chat. Now, can they work remote in the us? Yes, they can. And Dr. Lee of course can speak more to that and our programs actually also can too. Um, but yes, yes they can.

Dr. Lee (17:28):

Okay. Hi Maria? Yes, so we have the majority of the jobs that we have either with material or with our partners are remote positions. And if you have, as long as you have a an EIN number, you can work outside of the US as well. So we have quite a few of our alumni working outside of the us, um, as long as they have that. And then, uh, is from Mexico and live in Mexico. Is that okay? Yeah. So they can definitely obtain their alum, you know, their credentials from, um, from Mexico. And then, um, as long as they are able to get an EIN number, does that mean that they have to be, um, specifically a citizen? A number can be obtained if you have a business as well. So as long as they have an EIN number, they can work outside from outside of the us. So Sahar says, How can I follow up my referrals to see if they enrolled or not? I see many pending referrals, but don't know what they did. How can I follow up? Uh, Donnie, can you answer her questions about, about follow up?

Donnie Lee (18:38):

Definitely, definitely. So when you get to the point where you see a lot of these pending referrals, um, there's really two things that can occur. One, you'll already understand and have an insight into who this person might be. What you'll use at that point is this process. So this will basically be in relation to the step one and the step two. So you'll reach out to that individual, say, Hey, I saw that you, uh, show some interest. Maybe you submitted a form for me, Tia, wanting to learn more information about that organization. Um, if you have any questions, I can connect you with a program specialist and they can answer any of those for you directly. That would really be the first step that you'd want to take of that process. Now the second thing that might happen is you see this person, which you might not actually be familiar with them, which you can then do is reach out to us or me specifically.

Donnie Lee (19:31):

Uh, some of my information will be provided after, uh, today's session, but reach out to me and I'll be able to find, I guess, a little bit more information about them for you be to be able to get into contact with them to be able to provide some insight. Now, in addition, going forward, um, our program specialist will be trying to more reach out proactively to these individuals you've referred. Uh, we just want to make sure that there's this extra piece of connection where you are the first touchpoint with this particular individual. This is going to make it easier for our program specialist to be able to build rapport and be able to communicate that value effectively because you have made the introduction, so to speak. So if there are any of these individuals who you see are pending and you're like, Oh, I think they would be a really, really good fit, just reach out to us and will form that connection, reach out to them and tell them that a program specialist can reach out to them, provide them some more information if they'd like to know more. So that's really the most efficient and effective way to go about that process.

Dr. Lee (20:35):

So, uh, Don, can you re a little bit Donny or Stephanie to just sell's question about, um, sending a YouTube video. Uh, she, she wants to make a video of herself. I'm, I'm assuming to promote me Tia there. Yeah. How would she, how would she link her loyalty? Mm-hmm.

Donnie Lee (20:56):

<affirmative>? Yeah, so at that point, if you've made your dashboard, all you'd have to do is use this particular link. You would just copy it and then you'd put it in, say the description of the program. What's going to happen is if someone clicks on this link, it's going to then take them to this page once again. And so any, at this point, whenever they go through the process, say they've submitted this initial form, it's now going to track back and link directly to you. And so that's when they're going to be listed into this, my referral section as a pending referral. And so it's going to be in this case where say you've made a YouTube video or you've made a Instagram or Facebook post, a lot of times sometimes you will be familiar with them, but other times you might not be. And so it's in that case, if you might not be, you would be able to reach out to us to be able to give back into contact with that individual who showed interest if you'd like to form a deeper connection with them and help them along through the process.

Dr. Lee (21:55):

Awesome. And Diana, you had a question? I believe I answered it as to whether or not you can start referring even though you're not an alumni, and that's Yes, absolutely. And that would be even better, uh, to have your friends, you know, go through the program alongside with you. So we actually encourage students to, to refer while they're still in the program.

Speaker 3 (22:17):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>

Dr. Lee (22:19):

And Maria has another question. Let's say that a friend is interested in joining, how can they pay if they don't have an account? I'm not sure what you mean by account. As long as they have a credit card they can pay. Um, so yeah. Friends who in the program make a great, yes, they do make great study. Buddie, Thank you Stephanie. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>.

Donnie Lee (22:41):

Yeah. In relation

Dr. Lee (22:43):

Question Maria.

Donnie Lee (22:44):

Yeah. In relation to the question where if they have not made an account, um, I think you might be meaning this in the sense that what do you do if someone's interested in the program, but they haven't actually gone through those links to be listed here? Is that what you're meaning? If, So, what you do at that point is just simply let us know. If you let us know who this individual is, we can manually add them to your dashboard. And so you don't have to worry about the tracking or any of that type of information.

Dr. Lee (23:16):

Okay. That's what you meant. Okay. Thank you.

Donnie Lee (23:19):

Yeah, yeah, definitely. Mm-hmm. S share my referral links on my company's website in the academy section I'm in. Um, yeah.

Dr. Lee (23:36):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, absolutely. You guys can share this anywhere. If you guys are on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, wherever, just share your link on any social media, send it to your friends via email, text, as the do mentioned. Um, yeah, the, the more places you share the better mm-hmm. <affirmative>

Donnie Lee (23:54):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And I also know TikTok right now is a really, really good place to share it. Just adding it to like your description and your TikTok bio and then just like making a video about me too, and like, this is an amazing opportunity, click the link to my bio. That's a really excellent way.

Dr. Lee (24:10):

Yeah. Diana, I'm going, I'm sorry. I had not been super clear. So the referral program is just one aspect of the ambassador program now. So the, it's, we're just kind of expanding it. So referral programs lead to those, to what whoever refers to that referral program, it leads towards the, those top 30 where you automatically just by referring your friends and then becoming into students and you automatically get prizes, right? And then the top three ambassadors are top three people that send those referrals. Those will then get to go to conferences and further, um, you know, you'll obviously get the benefits of going to the, the, the national conferences, but then you will also, uh, be asked to, to share about me as well at those conferences. So it's just kind of merging or rather expanding the role of just the, the referral program.

Donnie Lee (25:08):

I hope that Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. I can think of the referral program as the first touch point. Um, but what you'll find is that everyone who's on this call has shown some form of engagement with the referral process. And so we've made you, instead of just kind of referral affiliates, this is this higher level of this process, the MET Ambassador program. And this is to reward you to provide you more resources, to provide you more aid in that process because we see you're actually active advocates and so we just want to make it easier and more efficient and more effective for you to continue sharing the mission of me.

Dr. Lee (25:45):

Yeah. And Jace, everybody that enrolls from your link gets to you get $200 from that person

Donnie Lee (25:53):


Dr. Lee (25:54):

For in, for that person enrolling. So that the initial referral fee, if you will, is $200. So every single person that enrolls you get $200, but you also get additional swag from ETO and you get additional, um, tick, you know, free tickets to the live conferences. And depending on how many of your, um, your referrals enrolled, you might get the entire, um, conference expenses paid. So we just, we just basically just expanding. So you already were, if you already enrolled in the referral program, awesome. Because you're already getting $200 per enrolling, but this is even more on, on top of that. You get on top of that, you get conference tickets. On top of that, you get the whole conference paperwork

Donnie Lee (26:46):


Dr. Lee (26:46):

<affirmative> and

Donnie Lee (26:47):

Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee (26:48):

That's correct. I'm sorry, Stephanie. That is correct. That is if they enroll and paid in full for the diploma program. Yeah. So if they just pay the deposit, we just wait until they pay balance and then you get your full, um, your, your $200. That's correct. Mm-hmm.

Donnie Lee (27:05):

<affirmative>. Exactly. Exactly. Um, Dr. Lee, let me stop this share and allow you to also just show a little bit more about those conferences and give a little bit more explanation about how that work for them.

Dr. Lee (27:18):

Sure. Let me, um, pull up a couple of conferences for you. Let's see. Cause um, now that the covid <laugh> is over, they're starting them up again, so that's really neat. Um, so let's see. So I'll share this one. This one is a virtual conf, and that one requires, uh, obviously you guys wouldn't be eligible yet for this one because it's, um, this one is already in August. Uh, that's called, All right. Okay. So you guys see here this is a i i a virtual conference. Okay. So there's still a registration fee, if I'm not mistaken. Yep. There's still a registration fee. And so if you guys, if we were already in effect, if you will, you would get the registration fee paid for there other conferences that are in person. So, um, you guys help me, help me look up some conferences. Um, let's see. Conference, let's see here. I'm sorry, say that again.

Dr. Lee (28:44):

I can't hear you. So this is, this is an example of one, um, they're still doing theirs virtually. Um, I have gone to many Mia, a conferences in person. Um, I've gone to some CHI conferences in person. Uh, they're, they're amazing aid for networking to get exposure to new, to new employers. Cause all of the major employers of, of, of interpreters medical specifically are going to be at these conferences. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>,

Donnie Lee (29:20):

Um, also, Dr. Lee Uhhuh, we are only seeing the agenda on your screen. Would you be able to restart the share for the conferences?

Dr. Lee (29:27):

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you could see that. Can you see that now?

Donnie Lee (29:33):


Dr. Lee (29:34):

Okay. My apologies is how you could see my page. Okay. So this is one conference. This is the imia a conference. As I said, it's, it's next week. It's, uh, August 7th and it's virtual. But as, as of September, anyone that wants to go to any conferences of those top three individuals, whatever conferences you guys want to attend, whether virtually or in person, you would let us know, and we would pay you pay the registration ticket. So like, for instance, here, you can see the registration ticket for that. And, you know, we would pay that. Normally they're a lot more, I think it's because this one is a virtual one. It's, it's pretty inexpensive. Uh, but normally they're like 500, $600 just for the registration fee. But then, uh, again, depending on whether or not, you know, on, on the amount of students that you enroll, that the amount of students that you refer that enrolled, we would, we could actually pay for the entire stay. Um, but that, that would be for those, again, for those top students. Um, starting in September. So in Sept, at the end of September, we will announce who the first three national ambassadors are. Um, and then those students will then get back to us and let us know which conference that is taking place within the next year that they would like to attend. And we will pay for their registration. But that's just gives you an example.

Dr. Lee (31:07):

Okay. Let's see here. But that's just one example of a conference. Um, there's the, uh, Texas, you know, remember when you guys guys went through the, the first course, the 40 hour course, all of the different associations, every single one of those associations has a conference. So me has a conference, Texas Toget has a conference, No, has a conference. I my age, tia, all of those, you know, um, I, we live here in Georgia and, um, the children's hospital has a national symposium, uh, for medical interpreters. So there's lots of different conferences. You guys would, the top three, uh, national ambassadors would just reach out to us and let us know which one they would like to attend, and we would cover your, uh, registration fee. All right. Any other questions?

Dr. Lee (32:03):

I want to make sure that we have covered all the questions. Yeah, I think that that was all. Uh, so I think Maria asked about the, if there are some scholarships available. So we do have the, the ISA program. Uh, so a lot of our international students, um, do take, take advantage of the ISA program. So when they do, uh, enroll, uh, you can ask them, you can have them do that. However, the isa, um, is not eligible for the referral fee, but you would step, it would still be counted as a referral, as an invitation, and you would still be eligible for, um, for swag. Okay. And so one more question. Sorry. Here, uh, I love this program.


Dr. Lee (33:05):

So the reason why, and we thought about the So Diana's question is why is the program not presented in Spanish? Uh, so the reason why is because the majority of your clients are here in the US and we need for, and the main complaint that us clients, providers, you know, healthcare administrators, et cetera, have, uh, from interpreters, is that they can't understand them when they speak English. So even though you are bilingual, you have to be pretty fluent, uh, very, very fluent in English and be able to read and write in English with ease. And so that is why we, we chose to keep the program, all of our programs in English. Now translation is different. And so we do have a translation, uh, course that is all in Spanish. Why? Because trans, if you are looking at p uh, at specifically translating from, uh, into your target language, uh, you need that, that, uh, material presented in, in your target language or vice versa, right? And so that is what we, we provide for the translation course, that's for the written document. Uh, but for interpreting, we really do, um, want to attract and graduate students who are fluent in English. Um, and no, with no questions asked. So, yeah.

Dr. Lee (34:40):

So, um, again, Maria, if they enroll in the ISA program, you still get points for invitation. Uh, but you would not get the referral for, um, the $200 referral fee because it's only, um, for those that do the full diploma program, uh, payment. Okay. I'm getting another question here. How much is the royal, uh, so are you referring to the diploma program? What's the cost of the diploma program? So if that's the case, what I would recommend is most of you are diploma alumni <laugh>, but if you're not, let's say you're just, you just did the 60 hour course or one of our CU courses, uh, just like Donny said, reach out to your program specialists and they will be able to work closely with you. Uh, but it is affordable, programs are affordable. Um, cuz again, it's a full diploma, not just a 40 hour certificate. It's four courses plus two bonus courses, plus 24 life, 24 hours of life session plus a job offer and connection with all of our employer partners. Uh, so yes, um, for practice sessions, we have, uh, all inclusive, uh, or unlimited practice sessions if you are part of the, um, uh, all inclusive program and I can some, I can give you a link to that all inclusive program.

Donnie Lee (36:20):

Yeah. And there's also opportunities for the top ambassadors for bonuses being things like ETOs, all access programs, ETOs Unlimited Life sessions, extra bonus courses and things like that. And that's kind of why we set up this program to be able to help you and provide you more resources directly.

Dr. Lee (36:40):

Thank you for reminding me about that. But yes, I'll put a link to the all access program in the, in the chat, but that gives you unlimited, unlimited access to not, not only the live sessions, but also all of our CEU courses. Okay.

Donnie Lee (37:08):

In addition to one-on-one coaching sessions

Dr. Lee (37:11):

In addition to the one on coaching that is link to that. Let me make sure that I have all, all the questions in the chat. That is true. Thank you. Stephanie Just reminded me that yeah, the benefit is that you have 18 months to complete the diploma program. So it's a self-paced program. You have 18 months to complete it. Most students finish it in, you know, two to three months obviously. But, um, this gives you much more flexibility. All right, well awesome. You guys have been great. Uh, so like Donnie said, you will be receiving several emails. Check your email already for the address one if you are those top 30 students. Um, but you will be receiving additional emails about the training and of additional emails about just, uh, continuing on the, on what the, um, the ambassador program is all about. So you'll be receiving that, you'll be receiving an email with this recording as well.

Dr. Lee (38:17):

And so, uh, and then we will have meetings, uh, probably quarterly. So the next meeting will definitely be in September, uh, so that we can announce the next, um, the, the, the top three MMITIO national ambassadors. Awesome. I can't wait to meet them either, especially the national, the top three national ambassadors. I think there that, there's definitely, uh, people who are already in the running for that. So, All right. If no further question, we will end the call at this time. Is there a minimum of referrals per month? I will let Donnie answer that question.

Donnie Lee (39:00):

Yeah. So in terms of the ME ambassador program, um, there are no relative minimums or maximums, so you can do anything at your leisure. Um, but what you'll find is when I send over the trainings, uh, during that five day referral challenge, what this individual has had the people using this do is sent about three to five messages of referrals, uh, a day. And so that is something you're able to do. That's sort of a pretty good cadence, but it's really up to you, up to the amount of connections you have and the opportunities you have to do so, so there's no minimal or maximums just at your leisure.

Dr. Lee (39:44):

Well, the beauty of Maria is that you can, the beauty of Maria is that you can do anyone, you can refer to anyone doesn't have to be someone in your near, you know, in your area. So it can be any of your family, any of your friends, you know, does it can be remote, uh, who you refer to the program

Donnie Lee (40:06):

<laugh>. Yeah, exactly. We've had many send the links to their, uh, employers to kind of have their employer help them with their reach out. We've had many send them to partners at work, other interpreters. It really is anyone just be kind of creative about it and you'll find a really, really good way to find a lot of people who'd be interested in those types today.

Dr. Lee (40:31):

Awesome, awesome. Well, like I said, we will send this recording out and send you information. Awesome. Well, you guys have a great weekend and welcome met ambassadors. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Thank you. All right. Have a good evening.

Donnie Lee (40:51):

Thank you. Thank you everyone. Have a nice one.

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