Does MiTio Assist you with obtaining a Job after Graduation?

Sep 12, 2023

Does MiTio Assist you with obtaining a Job after Graduation?

MiTio Job Placement Assistance Video

1. MiTio provides all MiTio Alumni with a letter of reference upon completion
of the program and MiTio will contact any contact person/hiring manager on your  behalf 

2. With the Completion of the 6-hour Advanced Course Internship your job prospects increase exponentially - Capstone/Advanced course Project? If not, it is not too late to volunteer your services using the
Capstone Document 

3. All MiTio Alumni are Welcomed to Accept MiTio's offer to work for the MiTio Remote Interpreter Agency -
giving you the ability to add this work experience on your Resume

4. All Mitio Alumni may Apply directly with our Employer partners:
AMN Healthcare 
Visual Language Pro    
Geneva World Wide 
MCL Interpreters

5. All Alumni are then encouraged to update their resume to an INterpreter Resume. Here is How to Write an Interpreter Resume

6. Lastly, join one of our Job Fairs for the most up-to-date information. Our Next Job Fair with AMN - is Thursday April 13th at 5PM EST. Also, here is a MiTio's Job Fair Recording  

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