$95.00 USD

Proof of Proficiency

Who Needs Proficiency test?


If you do not have the following Proof of other Language Proficiency:
Transcripts or Diploma from Foreign nation where other language is spoken;


Transcripts in other language from any US university; or 15+ semester
hours of other language from US or Foreign university.

*If you are a Diploma Student and have paid your tuition in full, you will just need to email us the language you need testing in.

The Proficiency test is a 20-30 minute test via phone or laptop - fluency only test. Once you pay for the test, and provide language to be tested in, I will email you your login information.

You will then have two weeks to schedule the exam. It then takes a few days to get the results of your test. I will email you those results. 

Here is a DEMO