Refund Policy

Course Completion Policy

Grade Appeals Policy

Employment Assistance

  • Refund Policy:

  • The date of withdrawal is the date a student requests by email to be dropped from the program
    • A 100% refund will be given for a student who requests a refund prior to beginning the program within 72 hours after enrolling into the program
    • No refund will be issued for students enrolled 3 days or more in the program
    • Refunds are determined based on the portion of tuition and percentage of program completed at
      withdrawal up until 50% of the program.
    • The percentages will be determined on the basis of the course completed as follows:
      • Each Lecture is 10%
      • Each Video is 5%
      • Each Quiz is 1.7%
  • All refunds are paid within 30 days of the date of withdrawal
  • *Students who have partially paid for the program (to include discounts), will be billed for the portion of
    tuition owed upon cancellation

  • Course Completion Policy:

The course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks at 6-7 hours per week (see table below):

Assignment Approximate Hours per Week
Each Learning Path 1 hour – 90 minutes
Each Practice Session 1 hour
Each Project 1 hour – 90 minutes
Forum Post per unit 1 hour
Each Essay/Book Review 1 hour – 90 minutes

The course may be completed in 6 months (self-paced schedule). However, we require that each student enrolled, complete at least one unit per month of enrollment in the program. If a student is falling behind schedule due to illness, or other extenuating circumstance and is in need of an extension, the student is to contact facilitator via e-mail for an extension.   Extensions will be granted once date of extension is confirmed by both student and facilitator.
Students must achieve a grade of B or better to obtain certificate. That is equivalent to 830 points out of 1000.
Upon course completion, student will obtain a transcript, a letter of completion, and a Certificate or *Diploma from MiTio in the mail within 14 business days. In order to obtain a Diploma, the student must complete 4 certificate courses (any combination) with MiTio.

  •  Grade Appeals Policy :

Step 1: A student who alleges unfair grading practices for an assignment or course must first communicate with the facilitator of the class. The burden of proof is on the student and the student shall provide evidence that unfair grading practices occurred.
Step 2: If the facilitator and the student agree to a resolution, the facilitator corrects the grade or the grade stands. If the problem has not been resolved and the student wishes to continue with an appeal, the student will send a letter to interpreter@mitio.org

within ten days of the decision by the instructor. The Vice President’s Office/email will forward the appeal to the facilitator, and the President which will review the case and make a decision. Step 3: If the student disagrees with the President’s decision, he/she must send a written letter of appeal to

within 10 days.  The Vice President will review the material presented and make a final ruling. 

Step 4: If the student disagrees with the decision, he/she must send a written letter of appeal to NPEC: 2082 East Exchange Place, Suite 220 Tucker, GA 30084 (770) 414-3300 (www.gnpec.org)

  • Employment Assistance: 

Alumni interested in obtaining employment assistance should contact Dr. Lee upon completion of the course and request a letter of recommendation.
Alumni are then encouraged to apply directly with the following employers of phone interpreting: Language Line, Cyracom, and/or Pacific Interpreters. Translators are provided links within the course of potential employers.
Mitio automatically enrolls Alumni into its Employment Center