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On Call/Video Interpreters

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MiTio would love to partner with you to meet your Language Services needs as required by Civil Rights Laws.  

• MiTio Value Added Benefits:

• Get a Qualified Interpreter in 15 minutes or less

  • Easy to Access with Username

• Scheduling can be done from your smartphone or tablet




Need a Qualified Interpreter/Translator?


Trained Interpreters and Translators in 200+ Language's


How confident are you that you are getting qualified Interpreters and Translators? With MiTio trained Interpreters and translators you can rest assured you are getting the best. Backed by our Accredited and Renown training program.


MiTio Interpreters/Translators:


• Trained by IMIA Accredited Program

• Language Proficiency vetted by or Testing Partners

• Continuous Training and Evaluation



Scheduling App Makes it Easy

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Schedule on your Smartphone or Tablet

Schedule a Video or Phone interpreter in 15 seconds from any device. Download our app or use our  scheduling link. All you need is a Username. Learn More


• Get interpreters in 15 seconds

• 200+ Languages

• Easy to Access

Competitive Rates


Rate Match Guarantee

Ever wonder if you are getting the best rates? With MiTio you can rest assured you are getting the best rate. If you find a lower rate -with equally qualified interpreter - we will match it!

MiTio Value Added Benefits:

• Qualified Interpreters in 200+  Languages

• Competitive Rates

• Access in 15 seconds 


Clear and Reliable


Video that is Clear

Our Video App is clear and reliable to offer better communication with your interpreter and client.

MiTio Video App:

• Clear

• Reliable

• Secure



Become one of our Partners Today!

Our Corporate Partners can vouch for our services...

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No Hidden Fee's


All you need is a username

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Tired of the unnecessary fees for language services? With MiTio, all you need is a username and you are set.


Contact Us:

• Obtain Username for Scheduling App

• Obtain Rates for Language Services

• Download App for Video Interpreting

Civil Rights and ACA Compliance 


Get legal today!

Compliance with Civil Rights laws and ACA rules was never easier  LEARN MORE


MiTio Value Added Benefits:

• Competitive Rates

• Qualified Interpreters

• Easy to Access Software