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MiTio’s continuing education courses provide the perfect opportunity to build your competence and your resume. All MiTio courses are self-paced and include engaging online lectures, interactive videos, and a live practice session with MiTio instructors. With 10-hour and 40-hour CEU course options to choose from, it’s easy to continue your training or earn the prerequisites you need to renew your National Interpreter Certification.

10-Hour Courses (1 Unit)

Our 10-hour courses empower you to customize your curriculum to fit your interests and your schedule. Mix and match different options to diversify your resume or complete one unit in as little as one week.

Remote Interpreting Course

In the digital age, remote interpreting is a great way to earn a living without sacrificing your freedom and flexibility. This one-unit course is designed to give you the specialized knowledge and skills you need to work as a remote interpreter from wherever life takes you.

Price: $350

40-Hour Courses (4 Unit)

Becoming a more confident and competent interpreter or translator starts with the right education. Whether you’re starting from square one or looking to hone your interpretation or translation abilities, our foundational 40-hour courses are designed to give you the education, tools, and hands-on training you need to advance your career.

Certification Exam Preparation

This Certification Preparation Course will help professionals prepare for the CMI/CHI exam Written and Oral portions, Improve the quality of care for patients,  give them tools needed to act with confidence as a competent medical interpreter,  Increase their marketability to hospitals and other healthcare facilities,  and enhance their communication between healthcare providers and patients.

Price: $850

Medical Interpreting II

In the second course in this series, you’ll learn about medical interpreting roles, relationships, responsibilities, and interpreting boundaries. As you gain insight into your role as a linguistic and cultural mediator, you’ll also learn about basic medical interpreting skills, tools, and terminology used in different clinical settings.

Price: $850

Medical Interpreting III
Our most advanced medical interpreting course is all about honing your skills and extending your technical competence. In this course, you’ll learn about different interpreting techniques and practice tailoring them to specific patient conditions and scenarios. To round out your training, this course concludes with discussions on complex topics like end-of-life patient communication, conference interpreting, interpreting in Europe, and interpreter rights. Upon completion of this course, you’ll be equipped to perform at a superior level in a variety of medical-related settings.

Price: $850
Medical Translating I

Our medical translating course was created to give bilingual speakers the foundational knowledge and skills required to excel as medical translators. In four units, you’ll learn about medical translation modes and roles as well as essential translating ethics and standards of practice.

Price: $850

Medical Translating II

In this follow-up to Medical Translating I, you’ll dig deeper into different specialized medical translation roles and contexts. This course covers different forms of medical translating, common medical genres, basic medical knowledge, and drafting methodology. To deepen your industry understanding and hone your situational awareness, this course also includes discussions on physician responsibility, the role of caregivers, and how to prevent misdiagnosis as a translator.

Price: $850

Medical Translating III

In our most advanced medical translation course, you’ll learn more about the nuances of communication and comprehension related to specific clinical contexts. Lectures cover everything from socializing with peers to advanced comprehension strategies for text and oral communication.
In addition to honing your comprehension skills, you’ll also learn more about different conditions and diseases. To help you communicate treatment plans and relay physician directives, this course includes lectures on generic drugs, food safety, and aging.

Price: $850

Anatomy and Physiology I

Understanding the human body can help you problem-solve and communicate more adeptly under pressure. This four-unit course will serve as an introduction to anatomy to help you converse more fluidly with patients and physicians alike. Course material includes the basic chemical building blocks of the body and the core body systems they support.

Price: $850

Anatomy and Physiology II

In this two-part course, you’ll build on the basics from Anatomy I and gain a more in-depth knowledge of the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, urinary, respiratory, and reproductive systems. To round out your training, you’ll learn about common diseases and conditions associated with each body system and touch on special topics like pregnancy and human development.

Price: $850

Medical Terminology I

To communicate effectively in a medical setting, you need a robust medical lexicon to draw from. This four-unit medical terminology course covers advanced language about body systems, treatments, and medical equipment. In it, you’ll learn how to identify a word’s meaning by its components and construct medical terms to refer to specific aspects of the body. Lectures touch on word parts, the human body and diseases, cell tissues and cancer, the integumentary system, and the skeletal system.

Price: $850

Medical Terminology II

In this more advanced medical terminology course, you’ll expand your medical lexicon to include the digestive, auditory, visual, and female reproductive systems. To tie your training together, you’ll also learn about common medical terminology used in fertility treatments (such as mammograms and dietary requirements) and vision care.

Price: $850

Court Interpreting I

Court interpreters are in high demand. If you’re looking to break into legal interpreting, this one-unit course will provide the framework, specialized knowledge, and practical skills you need to operate with professionalism and confidence in this field. Students will study the basic elements of immigration interpreting and prepare to enter this growing field with this introductory course. 

Price: $850

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