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MiTio  Corporate Solutions

Reasons to License MiTio Courses

MiTio provides a cost effective and fully turn key License of its courses to our corporate partners. Here are a few reasons why you should become a corporate partner:

  • Reduces Liability due to Civil Rights Law Compliance
  • Improves Accreditation Standing
  • Improves Quality and Customer Experience
  • Decreases Unnecessary Diagnostic Expenses
  • Provides Additional Revenue Center 

Become a MiTio Corporate Partner Today!

Licensing is as easy as 1 -2 - 3

Becoming a MiTio License Partner is seamless and efficient. Complete the below steps and begin enrolling your employees/students today!



  • Sign License Agreement
  • Send Payment and Website Link
  • Submit Students


To receive License Agreement, contact nelva.lee@mitio.org

Reduce Liability due to Civil Rights Compliance

Worried About a Lawsuit?

If you are not providing Trained Medical Interpreters to your LEP (Limited English Proficient) Population, you are at risk for a Civil Rights Violation Lawsuit.


How do you know you may be at risk?


  • Using family members, especially children to interpret
  • Using untrained bilingual staff to interpret
  • Non - Bilingual Staff using Google Translate or other online or written source to interpret


If any of the above scenarios applies to your organization you are violating the Civil Rights la and are at risk for a major lawsuit. Why risk an expensive lawsuit when the solution is so cost effective?

Improves Accreditation Standing

The joint commission requires trained interpreters

Not only do OCR (Office of Civil Rights) guidelines require trained interpreters for LEP patients, but so does the Joint Commission.


  • Improved Standing with Joint Commission
  • Improved chances of re-accreditation
  • Decreased liability expenses

Improves Quality and Customer Experience

LEP customers will RECOMMEND your organization over others

50% of hospitals nation wide are not compliant with OCR guidelines and Joint Commission Standards of providing a trained bilingual medical interpreter to their LEP patients. If you are providing this service, your customers will notice and recommend your services.


  • Improved Quality of Care
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Increased recommendations to community 

Decreases Unnecessary Diagnostic Expenses

What do Providers order when they can't understand their patients?

When providers cannot understand their patients they often order unnecessary diagnostic test and exams to "rule out" illnesses that could easily have been uncovered with a thorough medical background examination. When a proper medical background is obtained, it improves the overall flow and relationship between a patient and provider. 


  • Decrease unnecessary diagnostic test
  • Decrease expenses
  • Improve provider/patient relationship

Provides Additional Revenue Center

Increase Bottom Line with MiTio

Looking to improve your bottom line? MiTio's Turn key 60 HR certificate course license can be provided to your employees, families, and or customers for a fee, thus providing you with an additional revenue center.


  • Provide valuable training to your bilingual staff
  • Eliminates training expenses
  • Improves budget/bottom line

Complete Turn Key Solution

100% Online Program

MiTio provides training 100% online. MiTio 's program is a fully turn key program requiring corporate partner no set up time.

Program Delivery:

  • lectures
  • videos
  • discussion post
  • live practice sessions
  • assignments

MiTio's 60 HR Certificate Course

Comprehensive and Rigorous Program

MiTio's 60 HR certificate course is comprehensive and rigorous and prepares bilingual individuals to become medical interpreters and sit for the National certification exam.



  • Medical Interpreting Standards of Practice
  • Medical Terminology
  • Healthcare Law
  • Live Practice Sessions

Accredited by the IMIA

third party credentialed

MITio is one of only few programs Accredited by the IMIA - International Medical Interpreters Association.

MiTio is one of the first interpreting programs in the nation to offer 100% online courses for Medical Interpreting. Founded in 2004 with over 1000 enrollments, MiTio is renown and recognized nation wide.

Other Credentials:

  • Accepted by NBCMI
  • Accepted by CCHI
  • WIA certified


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Licensing Agreement

One Year Term - Cancel Anytime

Our one year Licensing Agreement gives you complete access to MiTio's 60 HR certificate course. MiTio provides a tiered system for reduced cost per student based on volume. Contact nelva.lee@mitio.org for more information.

Volume Tiers:

  • 10 - 49 Students
  • 50 - 199 Students
  • 200 + Students

Ease of Payment

Pay online or with check

MiTio offers two forms of payment for your convenience. Pay online with Card or send check to address below. Request W9 from nelva.lee@mitio.org

Address: 289 Jonesboro Rd. #416 McDonough, GA 30253