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The Meaning of the Word Volume VI

Posted by Dr. Nelva Lee on Nov 28, 2019 8:00:00 AM
Dr. Nelva Lee

Are you dreading the approaching holidays? If so, is it because of the lack of a support system? Something about the holidays makes not having a tribe difficult to stomach. When I was single and living thousands of miles away from everyone I loved, the holidays were especially perilous. I would ask to work on every holiday, saying that it was for the money, in those days they paid us double and triple overtime. 


I didn’t necessarily find much comfort in hanging with friends on those days either, it just didn’t seem right. Thus, I often felt lonely and detached. It was even worse because this isolation was self imposed. I didn’t want to be around family. I was angry at them for the most part, well deserved or not, the isolation was deafening.


These days, my holidays are much different. I have a household full of children and a husband that adores me. In fact this year my home is the designated site for the Thanksgiving gathering and thus I will have over a dozen family members in my home. What festivities I am anticipating!


The other holiday trap is when we dread family gatherings because of tension or perceived tensions that might occur when in close proximity to those we have not seen in a year or more. It is for these gatherings that we must be armed with a strategy, a pre-offensive if you will. This Thanksgiving in order to have your gatherings peaceful and filled with patience I propose to you a word that best encapsulates the Kumbaya spirit, it is:



Japanese — Much has been written on this Japanese concept, but in a sentence, one might be able to understand it as “a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay.”

Do you have a similar word in your target language? Are you able to exude Wabi-Sabi this holiday? I pray that you do. Acceptance and grace are siblings. We need more acceptance and more grace this holiday. If the holidays are difficult for you for any of these or other reasons, do not hesitate to reach out for help.  For more info: Holiday Blues Help 


Now it’s your turn. Do you agree with the analysis above? Why or Why not? Please explain in the comments section below. Do you have a story of a word choice that tripped you up? Or a story of an interpretation gone awry? If so, share with us at


Dr. Nelva Lee, is the CEO and Founder of MiTio Inc. an Accredited Online Certificate and Diploma Program for Medical and Legal Interpreters and Translators. MiTio Inc. is also an Interpreting Agency specializing in delivering VRI and OPI to over 200 languages to include ASL with our state of the art interpreting platform accessible via any device to include smartphones.


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